Innovating Venture Capital in Latin America

GITP Ventures is an international private equity group based in Panama, with regional offices in Miami (Florida) and Medellín (Colombia). Our Emerging Market High Tech Fund focuses upon Latin American enterprises that are dynamic and scalable with an international focus.

Our Companies

IPSUM Clinical


Founded by four experienced entrepreneurs from the clinical health care sector, IPSUM CRO is an organization that is dedicated to growing and supporting clinical work in Colombia. With a focus on neurological and tropical diseases, we assist health care firms in the development of their products, by formulating, setting-up and managing clinical trials, in ways that ensure customers satisfaction, to in the last term, facilitate the access of innovative products to the market.


Publicize is a company looking to change the way startups approach PR, aimed squarely at disruption of the PR industry. Founded by serial entrepreneur Conrad Egusa, Publicize has created the most effective and affordable process for helping clients attain media coverage. The company has worked with more than eight Y Combinator-incubated startups and has been recently featured in Forbes NextWeb and Tech Crunch.



Linkapedia is a product of SEMMX, founded by renown statistician and serial entrepreneur George Burch III and Mike T. Hoey. The Linkapedia Discovery Engine uses a patented, semantic indexing engine to unlock the web, providing context and meaning for web content. Linkapedia allows users to discover and explore their interests without needing search terms or keywords to find their content.

Solferino Gold


The Solferino gold mine is a 250 hectares hard rock mine property located in the mining district of Anori in the Antioquia department of Colombia. It is currently a small scale production gold mine averaging 5-8 tonnes of ore rock a day processing at a high average of 20 grams of gold per ton. However with investment from companies such as GITP Ventures, the mine is scaling up quickly and producing amazing results for investors.


MYTIC’s Finaxion software simplifies the process by which consumers apply for and receive loans, enabling transactions at the point of sale. Consumers can submit their applications online and receive solicitations within minutes from financial institutions that best meet their specific needs. For banks, the software provides detailed information on the consumer and offers a vetting process, enabling banks to make more, higher quality loans.

Success Stories

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