Success Stories

Plum Logo
Invested: January 2012 Exit: January 2014

Founded in 2012, Plum Analytics gives researchers and funders a data advantage when it comes to conveying more comprehensive and timely impact of their output. Plum's innovative software platform not only measures individual research artifacts, but is also mass metrics for labs, departments and other meaningful groups. Plum Analytics was started by Andrea Michalek and Mike Buschman, who met in 2008. In late 2012, with an angel-funding round that included GITP, they decided to found Plum Analytics together and challenge the academic norms for how metrics data is collected and analyzed.

Lexparadigm Logo

Invested: August 2012 Exit: December 2013

Headquartered in the United States with regional offices in Colombia, Lex Paradigm was founded by an international group of technologists dedicated to building applications that solve Big Data problems associated with the publishing industry. XQuire, Lex Paradigm’s flagship product, is a content management system designed to unify the print and digital strategies of publishers.
A private equity firm acquired Lex Paradigm in December 2013, less than one year after the product launch. GITP served on the Lex Paradigm advisory board and was a critical component in navigating the company to success and an early exit.

LiftDna Logo
Invested: January 2011 Exit: January 2012

LiftDNA is the only yield optimization platform that is first party to a publisher’s ad server and is the industry’s most advanced yield optimization platform for publishers. LiftDNA believes that maximizing demand competition for every impression is the key to maximizing revenue yield for publishers and that the publisher’s ad server is where the data and value should remain. With direct ad server integration, LiftDNA derives unparalleled insight for data-driven optimization, audience segmentation and performance-driven campaign management. LiftDNA was acquired in less than 15 months of operation by OpenX.

Yuxipacific Logo
Founded (LatAm): June 2011 Exit: June 2013

Yuxi Pacific helps publishers generate new revenue from existing content through the deployment of cutting edge software. Yuxi developed a global brand that leveraged innovative Big Data technology to solve some of publishing's most difficult challenges. Yuxi Pacific was founded and funded by GITP in 2007. Within five years, Yuxi Pacific rose to become a premier provider of Big Data products and services to the publishing industry, with more than 150 worldwide employees, three international offices and customers on five continents. It was acquired by Blue Loop Capital in June 2013.