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NPCx produces artificial intelligence solutions for the video game industry. While most AI’s focus on defeating the player, the NPCx AI observes and mimics players to create lifelike NPC characters that are indistinguishable from human players.


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Bodegia a state-of-art logistics software platform built for the high volume demands of the retail and food service industries. Bodegia integrates seamlessly into existing platforms and ensures timely delivery of product in an efficient, cost-effective way.


Telemedical.io connects patients with doctors to set up virtual appointments to address their medical issues. A network rather than a hospital, Telemedical is a marketplace for vetted medical professionals that provides tools to track the patient's clinical history, provide prescriptions and monitor progress.


Ziotag is a hosted service that greatly extends the intelligence, functionality, and monetization options of all forms of web video and audio. With Ziotag, consumers can tag their videos with chapters and sections, greatly empowering search and allowing users to more easily navigate them.


Arlene is a pioneering new platform that provides advanced ad monetization capabilities to help app developers and marketers monetize within the XR space. The platform allows publishers to create and programmatically manage 2D, 3D, 360 video, and playable ad placements. With Arlene, advertising partners compete transparently in a real-time auction to maximize revenue and price per impression.


The days of fake degrees are over. Certix uses secure blockchain technology to provide universities, students, and companies with reliable and secure certificate verification. Genuine students get the recognition they deserve – and recruiters know who to trust.

IPSUM Clinical

Founded by four experienced entrepreneurs from the clinical health care sector, IPSUM CRO is an organization that is dedicated to growing and supporting clinical work in Colombia. With a focus on neurological and tropical diseases, we assist health care firms in the development of their products, by formulating, setting-up and managing clinical trials, in ways that ensure customers satisfaction, to in the last term, facilitate the access of innovative products to the market.

Double Eagle Digital

Founded by industry veteran Scott Carpenter, Double Eagle Digital is the Delaware Valley's leading provider of digital print services. With the area's most advanced digital printing technology, Double Eagle provides end-to-end marketing solutions including full print and digital services, wide format print services, pre-press graphic design, bindery, finishing and print-on-demand for book publishing.

Colombia Focus

Colombia Focus was founded to provide deep coverage of events in Colombia to consumers worldwide in the English language. As Colombia continues to rise as an international destination for investment and travel, the founders' goal is to provide unbiased news and commentary about politics, technology, sports, and economics in the country.

Solferino Gold

The Solferino gold mine is a 250 hectares hard rock mine property located in the mining district of Anori in the Antioquia department of Colombia. It is currently a small scale production gold mine averaging 5-8 tonnes of ore rock a day processing at a high average of 20 grams of gold per ton. However with investment from companies such as GITP Ventures, the mine is scaling up quickly and producing amazing results for investors.
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Oiga Technologies

Founded by world renown data scientist and entrepreneur Michael Puscar, Oiga Technologies is focused upon providing customers with early access to cutting edge technology, helping them to create and maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Oiga employs a staff of international software engineers and data scientists that work with clients to analyze their content models and business processes. The firm analyzes and questions existing business models, leveraging state-of-the-art technology that result in new products and new streams of revenue, while keeping clients at the forefront of the industry.


Linkapedia is a product of SEMMX, founded by renown statistician and serial entrepreneur George Burch III and Mike T. Hoey. The Linkapedia Discovery Engine uses a patented, semantic indexing engine to unlock the web, providing context and meaning for web content. Linkapedia allows users to discover and explore their interests without needing search terms or keywords to find their content.
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