NPCx announces seed round funding from GITP Ventures

  • NPCx develops artificial intelligence technology for the video game industry
  • The company is led by CEO Cameron Madani, an industry veteran
  • GITP Ventures continues to invest, despite the changing economic climate

Estero, Florida (Wire Services) May 1, 2020.

Florida based NPCx (Non-Player Character X), a technology company that develops artificial intelligence technology for the video game industry, announced today that it received a seed round investment from prominent venture capital firm GITP Ventures. 

While most artificial intelligence technology in the video game industry is focused upon creating god-like computer generated Non-Player Character (NPC) adversaries that can dominate the game, the NPCx deep learning platform uses state-of-the-art behavioral algorithms. The result is an immersive world filled with NPCs that act in every way like other human game players.

“Our approach to AI in the video game industry is literally game-changing. Since the 1970s, AIs in video games have primarily been based upon decision tree algorithms”, said Cameron Madani, Chief Executive Officer of NPCx. “And when deep learning is applied, players can finally experience the truly intelligent experience that has been promised for nearly five decades.”, he added.

Cameron Madani, an industry veteran who began building and running companies in video game development and services in 2008, leads NPCx as Chief Executive Officer. 

In addition to selling the priority NPCx platform, the company also announced that they will provide consulting services around the use of AI in video game, AR and VR development and work to create technology that can be used to create rich and dynamic content across multiple media platforms.

The investment is GITP Ventures’ fourth thus far this year. Representatives of the company indicated that they will continue to increase their portfolio this year, despite a very dynamic economic environment.

About NPCx

The NPCx deep learning platform is unlike any other artificial intelligence (AI) engine on the market. Rather than trying to build a god-like AI NPCs to dominate the game, its proprietary engine uses state-of-the-art behavioral algorithms, resulting in an immersive world filled with NPCs that act in every way like other human game players. For more information about NPCx, please visit www.npcx.ai.

About GITP Ventures

GITP Ventures is a private equity group that invests in dynamic, scalable companies with an international focus. GITP’s portfolio spans a wide array of verticals including technology, media, retail and fashion. GITP’s companies are challenging the paradigms of their respective industries by embracing and deploying adaptive, innovative technologies. For more information about GITP S.A., please visit www.gitp.com.co.