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The hidden war against ordinary Colombians

The hidden war against ordinary Colombians

This is an excerpt from en editorial written by Michael Puscar from Colombia Reports. Read the full article here.

Colombia is a land of opportunity, but not if you’re lower or middle class. In order to combat this economic inequality the country’s government would have to take up one of the most powerful players in the markets, the banks.

As a foreigner who has lived in Colombia for more than four years, I am jealous of Colombians. They are blessed with a beautiful country rich in natural resources with beaches, mountains, deserts, rivers and rain forests. The country is rich in petroleum, precious metals, wildlife and ecologic diversity.

It’s a welcoming, warm, diverse culture; it rich in tradition, with a strong belief system, work ethic and the fortitude to confront and overcome economic hardship and a decades-long civil war.

Colombia is where I succeeded as an investor, and where I have lived as a resident. I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else.

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