OpenX Acquires Supply Side Platform LiftDNA

OpenX Acquires Supply Side Platform LiftDNA, a GITP Ventures portfolio company

This is an excerpt from TechCrunch. Read the full article here.

The startup offers a supply side platform, which publishers use to automate and optimize the sale of their ad inventory. Combined with OpenX’s ad server and ad exchange technology, CEO Tim Cadogan tells me that the company will be able to offer the first “full revenue stack,” allowing publishers to manage all of their ad revenue in one place.

“That is very important because today the industry is fragmented and publishers have to piece together solutions themselves which is difficult and results in reduced revenue,” Cadogan says. “Providing a unified solution addresses these problems head on and makes publishers more money. We are the first to be able to deliver this unified platform to publishers.”

OpenX will be offering LiftDNA as a standalone product — called, predictably, LiftDNA by OpenX. Still, Cadogan says that by integrating the new offering with OpenX’s ad exchange, the company will open more inventory for real-time buyers, and that by integrating LiftDNA with OpenX’s ad server, it can make optimization decisions more quickly.

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