Michael Puscar joins Oiga Technologies

Oiga Technologies

Michael Puscar, the founder of GITP Ventures, announced today that he will be leaving his role as Managing Director to lead technology startup Oiga Technologies. Oiga is a professional services firm based in Philadelphia, with offices in Antioquia Colombia, focused upon providing publishing customers with early access to cutting edge technology. As former managing director of GITP’s Emerging Technology fund, and a long time data scientist and technologist, Puscar aims to use Oiga as a vehicle to help companies deploy emerging technology in order to create and maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Before joining GITP Ventures, Puscar was the founder of Yuxi Pacific (now called Yuxi Global), a professional services firm with deep expertise in content technology and NOSQL databases. Yuxi Pacific was acquired by Blue Loop Capital in June, 2013. During his five years with GITP Ventures, Puscar led several successful investments in the high tech industry including Plum Analytics (acquired by EBSCO in 2014), Lex Paradigm (acquired by Blue Loop Capital in 2014), and Colombia Focus (acquired in 2018).

More information about Oiga Technologies can be found on the company’s web site at http://www.oiga.com/