GITP Ventures provides seed funding for Medellin-based Telemedical.io

While the COVID-19 crisis has wreaked havoc upon the global economy, it has also been devastating to the medical industry. With both doctors and patients forced into their homes, medical appointments that are deemed as non-essential have been postponed indefinitely.

Enter Telemedical.io, a Colombian startup that aims to provide doctors with a means to not only continue practicing their profession but for patients to find them and make appointments.

“We believe that all medical appointments are essential”, said Michael Puscar, CEO of Telemedical.io. “Especially during these troubling times, maintaining our mental health is paramount. Telemedical let’s our medical professionals get back to work and helps keep our population healthy.”

Panama based GITP Ventures has agreed to invest an undisclosed amount of pre-seed capital into Telemedical.io. The company is trialing the service with 10 doctors in Colombia but hopes to quickly expand throughout Latin America once the product is launched in early May 2020.

“We believe that with digital tools, videoconferencing, quick access to the patient’s clinical history and advances in artificial intelligence, telehealth is the future of medicine”, Puscar added. “Telehealth will keep us from procrastinating appointments and allow doctors to be more proactive in monitoring the health of their patients.”

About Telemedical

Telemedical.io connects patients with doctors to set up virtual appointments to address their medical issues. A network rather than a hospital, Telemedical is a marketplace for vetted medical professionals that provides tools to track the patient’s clinical history, provide prescriptions and monitor progress.

About GITP Ventures

GITP Ventures is a private equity group that invests in dynamic, scalable companies with an international focus. GITP’s portfolio spans a wide array of verticals including technology, media, retail and fashion. GITP’s companies are challenging the paradigms of their respective industries by embracing and deploying adaptive, innovative technologies. For more information about GITP S.A., please visit www.gitp.com.co.