GITP Ventures

GITP Ventures invests in New York based Viziotag

  • Viziotag brings Artificial Intelligence technology to video playback
  • Platform allows users to create a table of contents to for video content, empowering search and making videos more easily navigable
  • The investment is GITP Ventures third investment in 2019, and the second in the NYC startup ecosystem

New York City, New York (Wire Services) July 8, 2019

GITP Ventures, a private equity firm based in Panama founded by Michael Puscar, announced today that the company has invested into New York City based startup Viziotag.

Viziotag’s innovative platform allows users to break videos into chapters and sections, with a table of contents style layout that empowers search and makes videos more easily navigable. The company plans to launch two versions of the product, one targeted to enterprises and another for consumers.

”We believe that the Viziotag platform will change how consumers think of on-line video”, said Michael Puscar, the founder of GITP Ventures. “The platform uses advanced techniques in machine learning and artificial intelligence that are truly groundbreaking. Viziotag is a natural fit among the rest GITP’s high tech portfolio.”

Viziotag is still operating in “stealth mode”, though the product is currently available to limited audiences. A beta version of the product is expected in the fourth quarter of 2019.