GITP Ventures expands media holdings with launch of Vamos Cowboys

  • Vamos Cowboys is a Spanish language news publication focused on the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys
  • There are more than 42 million fans of the NFL in Mexico alone, and Latin America represents the NFL’s fastest growing market
  • GITP Ventures expands its reach in the Media sector with investment

Medellin, Colombia (Wire Services) June 25, 2019

GITP Ventures, a private equity firm based in Panama founded by Michael Puscar, announced today that the company has made a significant investment in Medellin Colombia based startup Vamos Cowboys.

Vamos Cowboys is addressing the nearly 70 million NFL fans in Latin America, with more than 42 million fans alone in Mexico. Latin America is currently the fastest growing market for American football, and an appealing audience that advertisers are seeking to reach.

”There simply isn’t enough Spanish language related content for the NFL”, said Johana Buriticá, founder and  CEO of Vamos Cowboys. “We aim to be the first site that NFL fans in Latin America put into their browser when looking for news about their favorite teams.”

Vamos Cowboys officially launched in June 2019, and quickly grew to tens of thousands of page views  and more than 5,000 Facebook followers. That’s an incredible feat considering that the NFL is currently in the off-season.

”We have had success with prior investments in the media space”, said Michael Puscar, founder of GITP Ventures. “Colombia Focus, another GITP company, was acquired by Publicize in December 2017. We find the Latin American audience appealing and I believe that Vamos Cowboys will be a very successful venture.”